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  1. Generosity Day

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    A few years back, some people, like many of us, thought of valentine's Day as a bit formulaic and came up with a great idea: Generosity Day. It caught up very quickly and is now celebrated in many countries on February 14th.

    Generosity Day is great: it allows you to dip your toes in the sea of generosity (even if for a day only) and be really really nice to your friends without them wondering if you will ask them for a huge favour. You can find out about community projects near you or walk the streets giving out croissants to everyone (a nice lady in London did this).

    Here are a few ideas of things to do on Friday PLUS anyone with a Bingo. Let us know!

    generosity day ideas  

    generosity bingo

  2. Our Pledge for 2014

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    • We offer a high quality service to our customer: this means good manners, answering all queries, dispatching your order as quickly as possible. Simply doing our very best to leave you with a smile on your face.   
    • All our products are described truthfully.
    • We make sure that all our products are either fairly traded, organic, recycled or ethically made. If they are none of those, you won't find them on Really Eco Baby.
    • We use local printers and local stationery shops.
    • We always favour UK based companies.
    • We always work with companies who care about their products and the way they are made: both on an environmental and human level.
    • We reduce and re-use: we send our parcels in recycled boxes, re-use every scrap of paper, use recycled stationery...
    • We deliver our local parcels by bike (even in the rain and snow if we can bear it).


    Feel free to let us know if we break our pledge: we are not superhuman but the above is not rocket science. We feel we have a responsiblity towards both our customers and our suppliers.

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