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  1. Sustainability

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    I like all the companies we work with as they all are working on being as eco friendly and ethical as they can. Today I want to write a little about Everearth who make many of our lovely toys. They have been around since the 1970s and they are based in China where practices that we know take for granted in the West, such as recycling, are not as common and certyainly not viewed as standard operating practice. If you have a look on their website the impression you get is an organisation that has made sustainability top of the agenda. This is more than just words, for not only have the directors said this is important but they seem to have instilled a culture where everyone is looking at ways to lower the impact of their part of the business. I liked reading about their use of sawdust; on the same page you can read how they have their own factory vegetable plot and their own humanitarian organisation within the company. They are also using bamboo and water based paints to make their safe and non-toxic. We love the elephant!

    EverEarth grasping elephant

  2. Brahms and an Owl for an Eco baby

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    What do this lovely music and an Owl have in common? Well it's a little corny but I just discovered our new Everearth 'Owl' is musical- pull on his tail and he plays some wonderful music: the Brahms' Lullaby, apparently one of the most famous and recognizable melodies in the world, used by countless parents to sing their babies to sleep. I am not musical at all but I did immediately say 'that's nice, what is it?!' and luckily my incredibly musical wife was there to answer. Music like this worked for our eldest (now 6), so if you are looking for a lovely baby gift, which will be useful too .....

                            Brahms      everearth Owl 4

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