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  1. Brahms and an Owl for an Eco baby

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    What do this lovely music and an Owl have in common? Well it's a little corny but I just discovered our new Everearth 'Owl' is musical- pull on his tail and he plays some wonderful music: the Brahms' Lullaby, apparently one of the most famous and recognizable melodies in the world, used by countless parents to sing their babies to sleep. I am not musical at all but I did immediately say 'that's nice, what is it?!' and luckily my incredibly musical wife was there to answer. Music like this worked for our eldest (now 6), so if you are looking for a lovely baby gift, which will be useful too .....

                            Brahms      everearth Owl 4

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  2. Melody Seal

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    melody signature

    Really Eco Baby is very proud to stock  wonderful cards by the London-based artist Melody Seal: they will bring a personnal touch to your gifts and you won't find those on the high street.

    What's more, Melody designed our new message cards and we absolutely love them! They will be a great addition to our gift boxes.

    Melody Seal is an independent graphic artist based in London; she specializes in limited edition original screenprints and recycled greeting cards, all featuring her signature highly decorative and detailed pen and ink drawings. All of her work is made using sustainable, recycled, fairtrade and organic materials and is mostly inspired by nature and our connection (or disconnection) with it, as well as traditional folktales and tribal art from around the world. She hopes to use her art as a platform to promote sustainability, ethical and environmental issues as well as to bring inspiration, beauty and imagination into the lives of others.

    If you want to know more about Melody, check her blogspost and her Etsy shop.

    melody REBS melody cat in the sun melody love bird


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