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  1. I remember discovering Juno over 8 years ago when our first of three was on her way and finding it a great read. Well it still is, and we are very glad to be advertising in it- their ethos and ours really match. Also very nice to be next to the Ecokids Planet ad- my eldest has been really enjoying that for a year now. Thanks to both these great magazines. Here are the links: Juno and Ecokids Planet. Do have a look, great Christmas presents just like our offerings!


  2. We are a bit stuck and we need your help. We don’t know what to call our latest eco friendly gift box. Our youngest thinks we should call it the Pooh box but we’re not so sure!


    Win one of these lovely boxes (for you or a friend) by helping us out. You need to like our Facebook page and comment on the picture with your choice out of the four below (or any other sensible suggestions).

     The Honey Baby Nest  

    The Honey Bee Nest

    The Bee my Baby Nest


     The Baby Bee Nest

    Click on the link and you will see the lovely gift box full of bee related products- it’s sweet! We hope you get a real buzz from entering, but make sure you do so by December 1st  to bee in with a chance of winning. [See you over on Facebook]

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