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  1. Hello all of you who live in our area. Really Eco Baby and NapNap are based in Letchworth and North Herts and whilst we tend to stay behind our computer screens and packing boxes, we do make it out into the real world occasionally. NapNap runs Nappuccinos every few months, but we are also going to be selling at a Christmas Fair in lovely Letchworth itself.

    Davids Books which is the fantastic independent bookshop in Letchworth, is holding its Christmas Fair on Saturday 26th November, 3-7pm. We will be there! Alongside the Really Eco Baby Shop there will be other local companies selling handmade, craft items. It will be a great place to pick up some lovely, original and ethical gifts for Christmas. It is also the evening when Letchworth switches on its Christmas lights; definitely worth a little trip out!

    Furthermore, if you want to have a chat with us about washable nappies, we will also be very happy to show you some samples and talk you through how they and the NapNap Voucher work. More on NapNap and the NapNap Voucher here.

  2. We recently read a list of both the top 20 most useful new baby buys (and the 20 least useful). Guess what topped the most useful list? You guessed it - nappies. Every baby does its thing and every family needs a stash at the ready.

    So if you are looking for the most practical new baby or baby shower gift of all, it's nappies. However, if you (or the family in question) are going the green and eco route, cloth nappies are the way to go....but they are such a personal choice and it is difficult to choose nappies for somebody else. 

    The solution? The NapNap Voucher. If you buy a new parent a NapNap Voucher, your 'gift' will be worn time and time again (more often than a 0-3 babygrow) and it will never run out. Cloth nappies are kinder to babies' bots and they are soft, colourful and very stylish. So help your friend or family member today to get those bottoms in cloth. The NapNap Voucher (basically the cloth nappy voucher that can be used in lots of places) is exchangeable for pretty much everything you might want - terry squares to luxury embroidered nappies. Go on, pop one in your order today. You know it makes sense!

    For more information on modern washable nappies, visit the NapNap website.

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