Green Baby

Here are our top tips for having a green baby...

  1. Nappies - a green baby wears cloth. Not only will you be cutting down on landfill, you will be avoiding contaminating landfill with human waste. Additionally, disposable nappies use lots of chemicals. And you only need about 20 washable nappies whereas you'll need hundreds of disposables; if you go down the reusable route you are using far fewer resources. 
  2. Washing - try and do the largest (and therefore fewest) loads of nappies as possible as you might have to wash them a bit hotter than your other clothes - we find 50°C works for us. Then you can do all your other washing at 30°C. Eco-friendly washing powders or soap nuts are also good to use and DON'T use a tumble drier if you can possibly help it. Racks, radiators and outdoor lines will do the job just as well. 
  3. Secondhand clothes and toys - find out about Nearly New Sales (usually run by NCT) and follow your local Freecycle and Freegle groups. And try and get any new clothes made out of organic cotton or sustainable bamboo. A green baby will wear organic cotton as non-organic cotton has an extremely high environmental impact. Check out our super green baby, organic cottons clothes here.
  4. Breastfeeding - we know this is a very emotive topic but just think of the foodmiles and energy saved if you breastfeed. If you can, go for it! And if it's proving tricky, get support. There are lots of charities and groups out there who are happy to help (The Breastfeeding Network, La Leche.....).
  5. Sensible gifts - people will ask you what you want or need when you are expecting a new baby. They will love buying you presents. So be bold, make a list of what you really need, and tell people! Obviously we think our gift boxes are a great way to give a beautiful eco friendly, green baby gift but there are other really useful essentials we would recommend: a baby towel with a hood, multi-purpose cream or oil, and roomy babygrows are a good place to start.