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  1. Just a quick word on our star product, the NapNap Voucher. This is probably the ultimate in eco baby presents. A NapNap Voucher is a washable nappy voucher that can be exchanged in lots of different shops for washable nappies. You can read more about NapNap Vouchers on the NapNap website and find out where they can be used here.

    There are probably two scenarios where you might buy a NapNap Voucher.

    1. Your friend/family member has asked you for one. Great! Go wild.

    2. You want to get one for someone to give them a nudge in the right direction. Well... remember you can get NapNap Voucher for as little as £5 and you can sweeten it with some other lovely gifts (chocolate? handmade soap?). However, £10 might be a better amount as then they will definitely be able to buy one nappy to get them going without having to spend any of their own money. But of course, it's up to you. Bon chance :-)

  2. We are very excited here at the Really Eco Baby Shop that the shop is now ready to go. The Really Eco Baby Shop is the retail arm of NapNap which is the company that came up with the NapNap Voucher. For more on the NapNap Voucher, go here. We want to sell useful presents for new families, their parents, babies, and siblings. We have tried to find products that have a number of uses (like the Akamuti Coconut Oil) but that are also REALLY ECO. For example, our handmade soap is packaged in completely renewable and recyclable packaging, contains no palm oil and is from a local lady who is scrupulous about sourcing all her products. Read more about Grassroutes Soap here.

    Do let us know what you think. We will be expanding our range in the coming months so don't forget to keep an eye on what's going on here at the Really Eco Baby Shop.

    And don't forget to include that NapNap Voucher!